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Farm Road Fun
Gravel Ops

"Battle   for the    Gravel" 

"As a veteran, a Life Member of the VFW, and an avid cyclist, this gives me a unique opportunity to give back to fellow veterans while doing something that I'm passionate about. Being able to support the gravel portion of the VVRH is an honor.  Our shop has been a sponsor of this ride since the beginning and having the opportunity to add the Battle for the Gravel route will  hopefully bring in more  riders  and make the event even more successful."

Kevin Little 

Co-owner, South River Fly Shop

Battle for the Gravel 

20 or 45 mile  Gravel Loops

This new figure-eight gravel route offers a single 20 mile course or a combined 45 mile route. The full course includes 2,850 feet of climbing. You will begin and end with the other road routes at Stable Craft Brewing and have only three rest stops. We have included as much gravel as possible which makes over 40 percent of the roads. Gravel bikes recommended. These roads are favorites of Kevin Little and he's looking forward to sharing them with you. 

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