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"Stable Craft is the perfect partner for the Valley Veterans Ride. It offers beautiful rolling valley roads right from the start and welcomes the riders back with a recovery beer, terrific food and relaxing space. "

Randall Wolf, Event Director


Stay        the        Night

Relax and spend the night before the event or come back another weekend and explore The Valley on your own in one of Stable Craft's beautiful suites.


Stable Craft Brewing is a specatular location for weddings, celebrations and corporte events. 


Local farm-fresh fare with our top craft beer make for a tasty mix for lunch or dinner, add the boucolic views and friendly staff you will have a fun and relaxed meal at Stable Craft. 


"Let's Roll"

"Let's Roll" was a special wheat beer to celebrate veterans and their families. Stable Craft offers a Brew your Own experience and a few VFW members will again take advantage of the opportunity to create a new brew for the 2022 Valley Veterans Ride for Heroes. What beer should we brew this year and what would you name it? 


If you enjoy the ride here's a reason to come back and visit! 

Fields of Gold grab.JPG

Discover our Fields of Gold and meet the farmers of the Valley. 

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