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Valley Vets Ride 4 Heroes is getting ready for 2020 with a new website

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Winter is always a time for renewal and our team has been focusing on how to make the fourth Valley Veterans Ride for Heroes bigger, better, and to provide an even great impact for our friends at Boulder Crest Retreat.

Mission and message go together and with that in mind we've created this new website to better inform you and share our goals and celebrate our successes.

Thanks to our riders and sponsors and riders we have donated $52,000 in three years. Our mission this year is to raise $40,000 this year. Mission Mulch will again be our Five Star sponsor. If you're interested in joining our bigrade of sponsors click here.

Our second goal is to reach at least 150 riders, which is nearly double last year. We need your help to tell your friends and bring a buddy! Don't forget that as a rider you can raise donations through BikeReg. Last year riders added $4,000, help us double that as well. Registration will open before March 1st.

Thank you for reading our first post, please use this space to connect with us and share the information with friends. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where we will share updates about the event.

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